Troop 10 Cookbook

cooking_MBA troop runs on its belly.

On his first campout a Boy Scout learns how important it is to know how to cook a simple meal. Moms would be amazed that her son eats on a campout what he turns his nose up at home. That’s because it tastes so much better in the outdoors, and because he made it himself.

The Cooking Merit Badge is now an Eagle requirement for a very good reason: that is a basic life skill that will remain with him for the rest of his life. But there’s no reason to keep it basic.

myplate_yellow_livetype copyThe recipes here represent the spectrum of outdoor cooking from simple boiling bags to full blown gourmet dutch oven meals. Most have nutrition values attached so the scout can conform to the MyPlate requirements, as required by the merit badge.

Almost all of these recipes are suggestions. Feel free to experiment with the ingredients. Who knows? You may stumble upon the prize winning combination for your next Camporee!

There are four main categories:

There are no rules that say you can’t have breakfast for dinner or dinner for lunch. But desserts should always be saved as a reward for a long a fruitful day. That’s why God made desserts.

Enjoy and bon manger!